Do you have a special talent?

Then this channel may be the one for you! Whether it’s singing, dancing, acting or you have an amazing dancing dog, then I seriously recommend this channel.

‘The You Generation’ is a global audition channel. It gives you the chance to win prizes by showing off your skills by simply uploading a video.


Well, I think I’ve covered everything! What are you waiting for? Get your talent recorded and uploaded!

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Unsigned artists Ont’ Sofa

First of all, apologies for not posting for the last couple of days – the broadband back at home sucks and was off all day! So, I’m stealing the Universities Internet for a while (:


The next channel I want to bring to you is called ‘Ont’ Sofa’ (for people who aren’t fluent in farmer language, that means ‘On the Sofa’). It was launched in early 2012 by artists Ben Davis and Jason Odle. It helps to bring unsigned artists into the light by having them sing live, on the sofa. Not only do they have bands singing covers of songs, they also encourage them to write their own. A great example of this would be X-Factor runner up Lucy Spraggan. She’s been on the channel numerous times with her famous ‘Tea and Toast’ and ‘Beer Fear’ songs.


Lucy Spraggan

They also have different ‘sessions’ which are filmed at two major studios in the UK – the Gibson Studio in London and the Prime Studios in Leeds (which was once used to film the external shots for Emmerdale) which they are also partners with.

I’d recommend this channel to anyone who is interested in music, and who wants to hear fresh music by unknown bands. It’s also a great opportunity for any unsigned acts that want to get noticed. If you would like to play, the link is below.

Links: YouTube  Facebook  Twitter  Official Website  Apply to Play

Get your Goot on!

Todays post will be based on a channel that got recommended to me on Facebook yesterday. I think it has to be my favorite music channel I’ve found to date.

Don’t you just cringe when you see someone on YouTube cover a really great song, yet they do it so badly? I’m constantly bashing my head off the keyboard to the point I have ‘QWERTY’ engraved into my forehead. So, when I received the link to this channel, I was a little skeptical. I opened up the link and was faced with Alex Goot’s cover of ‘Living on a Prayer’ by Bon Jovi – quite a hard song to cover vocally, I would assume.


At the beginning of the song, we see Alex playing each instrument himself. That gave him the first ‘check’ on my list. Then, I was hit with his vocals. All I could say was ‘Wow’. His voice is incredible! After more investigating, I found that he has a number of albums out on Itunes and he collaborates with other YouTube friends.He doesn’t just do covers of songs either, he has a few that he was written himself. Every penny that we spend on his albums goes straight to him to help in live, so it doesn’t go to some random record company.


So, for anyone reading this who enjoys music and needs someone new to listen too, then definitely DEFINITELY buy his songs! He totally gets a 10/10 with me, and I can guarantee you’ll think the same.

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Need something that’ll make you smile or even possibly laugh out loud?

Then I have found the right guy for you!

His name is Steve Kardynal. He specializes in making the world smile. How does he do it, I hear you ask? Well, he dresses like a girl and dances/sings to well known songs.


Pulls that outfit off better than Lady Gaga!

Hey, it seems to work, he has 925, 635 subscribers! He’s also been seen dressed as Lady Gaga on a New York subway! And it’s true, he never fails to make people smile. Everytime I watch his video’s, I instantly resemble the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. He’s obviously very confident in what he does, otherwise you wouldn’t find him parading around in a dress in the middle of public! It’s people like Steve that inspire me to not give a damn!

An amazing man and an amazing YouTube channel which I highly recommend that you subscribe to! Also, subscribe to his vlog!


Just one of the reactions to Steve’s video’s.

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