Special Video of the Week!

As you guy may have noticed, I haven’t been blogging for a while – I’ve been totally bogged down with University work! Assignments after assignments but I’ve been knuckling down to get the best grades I possibly can.

So, to apologise for being away for so long, I’m going to do two video’s this week, for video of the week.

The first is a video which has only recently been uploaded by BitPixelPlays – you may recognise him from one of my previous blog posts. He’s created his very own version of the Harlem Shake called ‘The Trooper Shake’. Pretty much a Star Wars edition only in a mankini.

The next is for the girls. It’s a video from CutiePieMarzia. She’d been getting lots of questions from her fans about how she keeps in shape, so, she’s brought us a ‘Workout for Lazy People!’ And don’t worry – it doesn’t involve swapping your food; it’s all about having a good exercise routine.

So there you have it, two great videos! Check them out – maybe you could subscribe to their channel aswell!

Channel Links: BitPixelPlays CutiePieMarzia



The newest (and hottest) YouTube sensations!

I’ve literally just found these guys after looking through some news articles. And by guys, I mean twins. TWIN GUYS!

They’ve been called ‘Justin Bieber’ look-a-likes, but they’re far from it. By ‘them’, I mean Jack and Finn, from the UK. Here’s the story: both Jack  decided to take a 12 month gap after leaving school last year. Along with Finn, the aim of his channel (called JacksGap) was to document their time abroad for the friends and family, and since then, they’ve become a YouTube sensation, attracting millions of subscribers. Their great partnership with YouTube also helps to provide money for new cameras, travelling the world and funding their entire gap year.


Their recent videos have included naked bungee jumping (what?!), balloon modelling, unicycling and a massive food challenge (involving crackers, cinnamon and the meanest sandwich you could ever imagine).

Go and check them out – hey, if The Times described them as a YouTube sensation, then their bound to be!!  They’ve also gone to South Africa for this years Comic Relief.



If there’s one thing I think you should do within the next 24 hours, it’s subscribing to THE most awesome channels. This is all just my opinion, so if you have a channel which you think everyone should see, then link us up in the comment box.

Okay, brace yourselves for an unreal amount of awesomeness (as Po the Panda would say):

  1. PEWDIEPIE: He’s Swedish. He plays games. And he has a pug. What’s not to like? He’s my number one YouTuber simply because everytime he uploads a new video, I’m on it straight away. You never know what this guy is going to get up to, so its a surprise everytime you watch a video. 
  2. KLAATU42: Talking animals – need I say more? Creator of the ‘Ultimate Dog Tease’. If you haven’t seen it, then you need to have a word with yourself.
  3. DIZASTAMUSIC: also known as, Filthy Frank, Pink Guy and Salamander Man. Complete and utter randomness, those are the only words to explain him. Check out Filthy Frank, though – he has some amazing rants.
  4. ON’T SOFA: giving unsigned artists the chance to sing live on the sofa. I’ve chose this one simply because it’s an amazing opportunity.
  5. PRANK VS PRANK: described as “the craziest couple on YouTube”, Jeana and Jesse create some of the greatest pranks known to man. The ‘Valentines Day Proposal’ prank is amazing, I suggest you go and check it out!

So, there you have it; the Top 5 channels. I vow to you now that you will not be disappointed if you subscribe. You can find the links at the bottom of this page. If you can think of any more great channels, then leave a comment!

Links: PewDiePie Klaatu42 DizastaMusic On’t Sofa PrankvsPrank

For the little misfits!

Girls! Like me, I bet you get bored of the same make up style really quickly? My make up consists of foundation, powder, blush with eyeliner and mascara – if I’m feeling adventurous, I get the liquid eyeliner out. It’s also a pet hate of mine, when I do one eye perfect and the other ends up all over the place! Anyway, enough of the complaining.

I’ve found the perfect channel for any girls out there who feel super adventurous with their makeup. The channel goes by the name of ‘Monroe Misfit Makeup’ and specializes in amazing make up styles. Her tutorials are so easy to follow as everything is wrote down on the screen – it’s also accompanied by some great music. It’s way different to the make-up tutorials I’ve previously reviewed, as most of them have been spoken.



My two all time favourite tutorials that she’s done (and it was hard to choose from them all) are the ‘Sequin Glitter Eyes’ and the ‘Halloween SFX Makeup’. I would never of thought to use sequins on my eyelids, but now that I’ve seen it, I will definitely try it out. And you guys should too!

Check out her Halloween SFX Makeup – she make’s my worst fears look so pretty and amazing! Creativity score: 10/10!

Links: YouTube Blog


Game time with a Chaotic Monki!

If you loved PewDiePie, then you’ll love this guy. In fact, they often play together.

His YouTube channel name is ‘ChaoticMonki’ but is also known as Cry. He’s known to play on games such as Amnesia, Fragile Dreams and The Walking Dead. I know it sounds weird, but he seems a lot more mysterious compared to Pewdie – you never see his face! He’s like a gaming superhero.


I’d seriously go and check his channel out if I were you – he’s great at gaming as well as being insanely funny.

Links*: YouTube LiveStream

Cry DOES NOT have Facebook or Twitter. Don’t fall for any social networking clones (:

Video of the Week #3

There’s only two reasons why this video has been chosen as ‘Video of the Week’ – The Lonely Island AND Adam Levine. I feel it could be the greatest collaboration of all time  ever.


It’s voting time!

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