Mind = Blown.

Today’s YouTube channel is called ‘5 Second Film’ and pretty much does what it says on the tin. The group of filmmakers produce a 5 second film ever week, under these strict rules:
1) 2 seconds for beginning titles
2) 5 seconds of film
3) 1 second of end titles.
Now, I know what your thinking. “That’s 8 seconds, silly!”. Who are you to judge, the Second Police?!

If you like to sit confused at what you’ve just seen, then I think this channel may be for you. Here is the latest video for you to check out. I would describe it as a ‘massive ball of randomness’.

Something to think about: What do you wish you could create in 5 seconds?

Links: 5 Second Film



Back with a BANG! Tattoos and Animations!

Hey everyone! I’m back from my holidays and what a great 2 weeks it was! Spent most of it shopping and working on a farm. I think the shopping was more tiring than the farm, THIS GIRL CAN SHOP!

So to start off the blogging, I have found a great animation channel. It comes under the name of ‘Oney’s Video Hole’ and the video which I believe is THE most hilarious is called ‘Thor n’ Loki’ – I almost had a cardiac arrest from laughing so much. The cartoon characters really look like Thor and Loki, which is great because Loki is FIIIIIINE! I never thought a cartoon character could be so good looking.


The next YouTube channel I have found is called ‘Ink’ and has been described as YouTube’s home for everything tattoo. I loved watching shows like LA Ink – being able to create amazing pieces of art on someones skin is amazing. I’ll let you into a little secret – I have a tattoo. But it’s not as amazing as something that Kat Von D can create; it’s a tiny star on me left hand. I only got it because I wanted to see what it felt like to get a tattoo! I sat through the whole 5 minutes swearing – I’ve got the worst pain threshold EVER.


So if your fascinated in the whole tattoo thing or your looking for some ideas, then ‘Ink’ is definitely a channel to subscribe too. It has little snippets from all the major tattoo programmes, including tutorials on how to look after your tattoo and picking your first tattoo – maybe I would’ve watched that one first!

Links: Oney’s Video Hole  Ink

It’s like kicking Jamie Oliver in the face

If you like the YouTube phenomenon that is ‘Epic Meal Time’, then you’ll love these guys. They’re the Swedish equivalent, however, everything is done their way AND in Swenglish (Swedish and English for those who don’t get it).

If you like angry hairy Swedish men cooking food, then your in the right place! Here they are cooking (I used the word ‘cooking’ very VERY loosely) a ‘Barbaric Brutal Breakfast’.

Links: Swedish Meal Time Epic Meal Time


Need some April Fool’s ideas?

I love a good prank, me. Well, not on me, but to someone else, its hilarious. I’m always hearing stories from my Uni friends who live in Student Accommodation about how they’ve been pranked – one guy had all of his stuff (including bed and wardrobe) moved into the kitchen, and all the kitchen stuff moved into his bedroom! Not looking forward to moving out next year!

Why am I talking about pranks, you might ask? Well, I’ve found two of the best prank channels around. The first is called ‘Improv Everywhere’ who specialize in massively organised pranks in New York. These have ranged from the Grand Central Freeze to the infamous No Pants Subway Ride. I’m always having those dreams where I go outside with no pants on – imagine the looks on the faces of the everyday people travelling to work on that subway?! I’d have to keep pinching myself!


No pants!

And the next is called ‘Prank vs Prank’. I spoke about these in my ‘Top 5 YouTube Channels To Subscribe Too’. This is pranking but on a much smaller scale compared to ‘Improv Everywhere’ – it’s hosted by a guy and a girl who prank the public with things such as a marriage proposal where she turns him. They also prank each other, which is always funny!


Fake marriage proposal

So, if your a Uni student like me, or your just a bit of a naughty devil, then subscribe to these channels for some ideas! April Fool’s is coming up…

Links: Improv Everywhere  Prank vs Prank

Special Video of the Week!

As you guy may have noticed, I haven’t been blogging for a while – I’ve been totally bogged down with University work! Assignments after assignments but I’ve been knuckling down to get the best grades I possibly can.

So, to apologise for being away for so long, I’m going to do two video’s this week, for video of the week.

The first is a video which has only recently been uploaded by BitPixelPlays – you may recognise him from one of my previous blog posts. He’s created his very own version of the Harlem Shake called ‘The Trooper Shake’. Pretty much a Star Wars edition only in a mankini.

The next is for the girls. It’s a video from CutiePieMarzia. She’d been getting lots of questions from her fans about how she keeps in shape, so, she’s brought us a ‘Workout for Lazy People!’ And don’t worry – it doesn’t involve swapping your food; it’s all about having a good exercise routine.

So there you have it, two great videos! Check them out – maybe you could subscribe to their channel aswell!

Channel Links: BitPixelPlays CutiePieMarzia


The newest (and hottest) YouTube sensations!

I’ve literally just found these guys after looking through some news articles. And by guys, I mean twins. TWIN GUYS!

They’ve been called ‘Justin Bieber’ look-a-likes, but they’re far from it. By ‘them’, I mean Jack and Finn, from the UK. Here’s the story: both Jack  decided to take a 12 month gap after leaving school last year. Along with Finn, the aim of his channel (called JacksGap) was to document their time abroad for the friends and family, and since then, they’ve become a YouTube sensation, attracting millions of subscribers. Their great partnership with YouTube also helps to provide money for new cameras, travelling the world and funding their entire gap year.


Their recent videos have included naked bungee jumping (what?!), balloon modelling, unicycling and a massive food challenge (involving crackers, cinnamon and the meanest sandwich you could ever imagine).

Go and check them out – hey, if The Times described them as a YouTube sensation, then their bound to be!!  They’ve also gone to South Africa for this years Comic Relief.


Game time with a Chaotic Monki!

If you loved PewDiePie, then you’ll love this guy. In fact, they often play together.

His YouTube channel name is ‘ChaoticMonki’ but is also known as Cry. He’s known to play on games such as Amnesia, Fragile Dreams and The Walking Dead. I know it sounds weird, but he seems a lot more mysterious compared to Pewdie – you never see his face! He’s like a gaming superhero.


I’d seriously go and check his channel out if I were you – he’s great at gaming as well as being insanely funny.

Links*: YouTube LiveStream

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