Need some April Fool’s ideas?

I love a good prank, me. Well, not on me, but to someone else, its hilarious. I’m always hearing stories from my Uni friends who live in Student Accommodation about how they’ve been pranked – one guy had all of his stuff (including bed and wardrobe) moved into the kitchen, and all the kitchen stuff moved into his bedroom! Not looking forward to moving out next year!

Why am I talking about pranks, you might ask? Well, I’ve found two of the best prank channels around. The first is called ‘Improv Everywhere’ who specialize in massively organised pranks in New York. These have ranged from the Grand Central Freeze to the infamous No Pants Subway Ride. I’m always having those dreams where I go outside with no pants on – imagine the looks on the faces of the everyday people travelling to work on that subway?! I’d have to keep pinching myself!


No pants!

And the next is called ‘Prank vs Prank’. I spoke about these in my ‘Top 5 YouTube Channels To Subscribe Too’. This is pranking but on a much smaller scale compared to ‘Improv Everywhere’ – it’s hosted by a guy and a girl who prank the public with things such as a marriage proposal where she turns him. They also prank each other, which is always funny!


Fake marriage proposal

So, if your a Uni student like me, or your just a bit of a naughty devil, then subscribe to these channels for some ideas! April Fool’s is coming up…

Links: Improv Everywhere  Prank vs Prank


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