The newest (and hottest) YouTube sensations!

I’ve literally just found these guys after looking through some news articles. And by guys, I mean twins. TWIN GUYS!

They’ve been called ‘Justin Bieber’ look-a-likes, but they’re far from it. By ‘them’, I mean Jack and Finn, from the UK. Here’s the story: both Jack  decided to take a 12 month gap after leaving school last year. Along with Finn, the aim of his channel (called JacksGap) was to document their time abroad for the friends and family, and since then, they’ve become a YouTube sensation, attracting millions of subscribers. Their great partnership with YouTube also helps to provide money for new cameras, travelling the world and funding their entire gap year.


Their recent videos have included naked bungee jumping (what?!), balloon modelling, unicycling and a massive food challenge (involving crackers, cinnamon and the meanest sandwich you could ever imagine).

Go and check them out – hey, if The Times described them as a YouTube sensation, then their bound to be!!  They’ve also gone to South Africa for this years Comic Relief.



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