Caution: May contain ghosts!

So, after watching my favourite paranormal investigating show, “Ghost Adventures”, I got really inspired to find a really great ghost hunting channel. And here it is!

Set in the UK, ‘Dorset Ghost Investigators’ is ran by two guys under the names of Glen and Ahmed who are on a mission to capture the greatest paranormal evidence out there. Their evidence includes EVP’s which stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. This is my favourite type of evidence as you really make out what the ghostie’s are trying to say. In one video, they ask the ghost to tell them to ‘go away’ through the white-noise box, and sure enough, the ghost replies.


Now, it’s totally up to you whether or not you believe in the afterlife, so I seriously recommend that you go and check these guys out! Subscribe now, as their latest video comes out tonight!

Links: YouTube Facebook Twitter

Also, don’t forget Mother’s Day tomorrow! Come back for a special Mother’s Day review!


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