How to be an awesome YouTuber

I’m gunna break the routine a little today. I’ve decided to come up with a list of tips, to help you guys become an amazing  awesome YouTuber.

  1. Know your competition – If you’ve come up with an idea that’s already been done before, try and think of how you can make it different. See what your up against!
  2. Be interactive – advertise your video so that people who normally watch videos based on the one your creating will instantly click on it. Ask for any comments and suggestions as your video will definitely benefit from the increased traffic from the comments.
  3. Be consistent – don’t create a video and then forget about the channel for months on end. You have to be consistent, otherwise your audience will ditch you. Try uploading a video maybe once a week.
  4. Don’t make your videos too long – you don’t want your audience to get bored to click the ‘back’ button, do you?
  5. Gain some confidence – don’t let bad comments put you down. Just learn from your mistakes and try again!
  6. It’s all about the description! – fill it up! Use as much keyword-rich information as you can, otherwise, people can’t find you.
  7. Use playlists – this will help group together your videos. It makes them so much easier to find!
  8.  Customise your channel – make it eye-catching. Don’t use clashing colours either – there’s nothing more irritating than having to squint.
  9. Use good software and devices – try and use a good quality webcam and microphone, so we can hear and see you properly! Also, if your dedicated, shop around for the best software . It’ll help you get the best results.
  10. See what sticks – have a look at similar YouTube channels to see what people like and don’t like.

There you have it – ten handy hints. If you have any more tips, please feel free to post them in the comment box below. Every hint helps!!


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