Does your grammar suck?

Here’s another one of those ‘bang your head off the keyboard’ moments: when people spell stuff wrong. And I’m not just talking about the odd little letter being in the wrong place. I’m talking massively wrong. It makes it even more gut-wrenching when said person is trying to insult you.

This guy make’s that whole situation so much better. His channel is called ‘Jacksfilms’ and every friday, he posts a video of random comments that he’s found on YouTube which have been spelled out wrong. He then reads them out the way they have been written, which doesn’t sound funny as I’m writing this, but trust me, it is.


Not only does he do that, but he also makes hilarious parodies of music video’s and films. Like the sound of him? Well, click the YouTube link below to subscribe!

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  1. achangeofdirection
    Mar 14, 2013 @ 11:06:32

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS! I HATE HATE HATE it when I’m reading something an it sounds like they’ve typed it out blindfolded! There’s a thing called grammar for a reason!!! Absolutely awesome post!


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