This one’s guaranteed to get all of those 43 smiling muscles working!

Have you ever heard the saying “laughter is the best type of medicine”? I think it’s true – there’s nothing better than laughing so hard your sides hurt and your eyes water. Well, I’ve found a channel that has proven to do just that.


‘Bad Teeth’ is a UK based comedy channel that features new and classic videos each week. You’ll find things such as hilarious television sketches picked out from Hat Trick’s archive (ranging from Father Ted, Outnumbered and Facejacker), an assortment of sketches featuring celebrity guests (I watched one yesterday with Daniel Radcliffe and Danny Dyer. Didn’t think you could pair a wizard and a hard-man up but it works!), and animations based around that specific weeks news. The best videos I’ve found were hidden camera videos – ever since I seen Louis Walsh on ‘Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway’, I’ve been hooked.


So, whether your a University student like me or an office worker, and you need something to get you away from your routinely day-to-day life, subscribe to this channel! It’s guaranteed to get you in hysterics.

Links: YouTube  Twitter  Facebook  Google+  Instagram


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