For the child within (also, 20th post!)

Seeing as this is my 20th post, I think I’ll review a channel which I believe is the coolest. Yes, I said coolest.

If your an adult with the maturity level of a 10 year old and you still like watching Cartoon Network (what’s not to love, The Amazing World of Gumball actually is amazing) then your exactly like me, so I know you’ll love this channel.


It’s name is ‘TOMSKA’ and it’s ran by a guy called Thomas Ridgewell from the UK. Thomas, along with a crew of animators, create the most outrageously random cartoon’s you’ll ever see. You never know what to expect when you click on a video. My personal favorites are the ‘asdfmovie’ cartoons. The animation for those cartoons are so simple yet so amazingly put together. Seriously, I watched one video and I had the catchphrases in my head for the rest of the day.


Yup..barfing cats.

If you watch anything this weekend, let it be TOMSKA’s animations!

Links: YouTube  Official Store  Facebook  Twitter


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