Stick some slap on; it’s all for charity!

For all of my British readers, which big charity event is coming up soon? That’s right, Comic Relief! So, I wanted to find a channel which fits in with the charity theme. And seeing as I haven’t reviewed a channel for the girls lately, here’s one which is all about giving. There’s a lot of people in the world of YouTube that get paid to bring you guys the videos that you love. Well, this channel donates every penny it earns to a charity requested by the viewers each month.


What’s the channel about, I hear you ladies ask? This channel is dedicated to beauty reviews, quick tips, hauls and other random Vlogs. For example, there’s videos on how to stud clothing and how to put on those tricky fake eye lashes. I always see girls trying to put them on and having them stuck to their forehead because they’ve blinked by accident!


But I think the reason why I love this channel so much is down to the generosity. I found a great quote on the page which really sums up what it’s all about:

“I live in a world of beauty, the beauty of a beautiful heart. I hope to inspire those who wish to change the world in a positive manner.”

Subscribing to this channel could be your good deed for the year! Click the button and request a charity to see if you can donate a little something.

Links: YouTube


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