Need something that’ll make you smile or even possibly laugh out loud?

Then I have found the right guy for you!

His name is Steve Kardynal. He specializes in making the world smile. How does he do it, I hear you ask? Well, he dresses like a girl and dances/sings to well known songs.


Pulls that outfit off better than Lady Gaga!

Hey, it seems to work, he has 925, 635 subscribers! He’s also been seen dressed as Lady Gaga on a New York subway! And it’s true, he never fails to make people smile. Everytime I watch his video’s, I instantly resemble the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. He’s obviously very confident in what he does, otherwise you wouldn’t find him parading around in a dress in the middle of public! It’s people like Steve that inspire me to not give a damn!

An amazing man and an amazing YouTube channel which I highly recommend that you subscribe to! Also, subscribe to his vlog!


Just one of the reactions to Steve’s video’s.

Links: YouTube  Twitter  Vlog




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