Who you gunna call?

I don’t know about you, but I’m such a wimp when it comes to scary films. Saw? Too gory. Paranormal Activity? The suspense killed me. I’m constantly getting wrong off my boyfriend for suggesting a scary film and then closing my eyes during the scary parts.

The only spooky thing I seem to be able to watch like a normal person are the television programmes such as ‘Most Haunted’ and ‘Ghost Adventures’. You just know there’s some random person being paid to whisper in Yvette Fielding’s ear, causing her to flap her arms about and scream like a banshee. Or is that me being a skeptic?

This leads me onto my next YouTube channel, which was recommended to me by a friend not so long ago. They haven’t been up and running for very long (they joined YouTube in November, 2011) so you may not have heard of them. That’s where I come in, I suppose!


‘Ghosts, Myths and Legends’ are an amateur paranormal group who investigate local ghost stories in England. However, they don’t approach things from the same angle as Yvette. They’re more skeptical and tend to have reasonable explanations for mysterious things. However, not all things can be explained, and its up to you as a viewer to decide what it can be.

They currently have only 75 subscribers and I think its a channel worth watching/subscribing too! There’s still a lot of places to be investigated!

Links: YouTube  Twitter


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