The best thing to come out of Sweden since ABBA and Ikea.

Yes, that’s right, there’s something better than Ikea.

I found this guy maybe around half a year ago when I was browsing through YouTube looking for something a bit different. And I’m safe to say – I definitely did.

He goes by the name of ‘PewDiePie’ and combines his love of games and YouTube to bring us hilarious gaming moments. His video’s often show him screaming like a big girl at the monsters from ‘Amnesia’ or giving voices to the characters in ‘Happy Wheels’.

Today, he has 4,917,159 subscribers on YouTube. I say ‘subscribers’, I actually mean ‘bros’ which is what he tends to call his fans.


Just some of the faces you’ll see

He never fails to remind his ‘bros’ that he appreciates them tuning in and watching his videos, however, I think he needs more ‘bros’ to join his ‘bro army’ so everyone can see for themselves how hilarious he really is.

So, instead of building your flat-pack wardrobe while listening to ‘Dancing Queen’, go and join the ‘bro army’!

Links: YouTube  Twitter  Facebook



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  1. Sam
    Feb 21, 2013 @ 20:48:13

    Awe man, I just started watching pewdie (well his amnesia videos). Of you’re doing more gaming channels maybe check out Nerd Cubed, yamimash, machinima they’re all good.

    Great article. Really funny. 😀


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