This one is Purrrrrfect

If you guy’s haven’t seen ‘Simon’s Cat’ yet, then I have only question for you – WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?!

‘Simon’s Cat’ is a collection of short animations made by British animator and cat fanatic Simon Tofield. It’s based on a mischievous cat that lives with Simon. My favorite all time episode would be ‘Cat Man Do’ which just so happens to be the first ever episode to be created. We see Simon asleep in bed whilst he cat tries everything to wake him up so he can be fed. In the end, the cat resorts to hitting Simon across the head with a baseball bat!


He’s cute until feeding time!

Not only can you watch Simon’s Cat for free on the YouTube channel, but you can also buy the book from any major retailers. I’d highly recommend this to any ‘crazy-cat ladies’ out there; the animation is fantastic and the story-line’s are hilarious.

Links: YouTube  Official Website  Facebook  Google+  Twitter


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